Swan Flying


New Year is starting well.  I am swimming every day here in Nebraska.  It’s warm enough that we can walk past the orchard to the cider house.  Snow on the ground, ice on the pavement, over the bridge, way down frozen stream.  I’m surrounded by passionate writers, and fantastic students.  One of the students here is blind, and her husband, who is also blind came to Residency for New year.

They have a young daughter.  This writer has such energy and happiness walking with her everywhere she goes.  She walks around in a big light.  I feel all these writers living in the world of the imagination. Michael Oatman, one of the playwrights has gone through a media wash since last Residency, and I’ve gone through my own brush with social media shaming, but here, we are all writers, and many of us have formed lifelong friendships.  As a writer, you realize, that you will have rough times personally or publicly.  To survive a creative life, you must find people who will follow you down if you fall out of flight and stay with you until you are flying again.  I am glad to feel myself flying again with all these fellow writers.  Red Hen is going to have an excellent year, and so am I.

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