Wadi Rum

This weekend we saw Bridge of Spies which we really liked, and Martian which I loved.  The scenes in space were great, so 2001 and Matt Damon was so much fun to watch.  Wadi Rum, Jordan, where Ridley Scott filmed this, is absolutely breathtaking and made me want to rush off to Jordan to go hiking and camping there.


We also saw Going Clear at Kim’s suggestion and there were frightening parallels to High View Church Farm.  One man who is the boss of everything, a lot of true believers who give everything to the “cause.” The Farm wanted to have us all set sail around the world, but we never finished building the boats.  It’s a good thing we weren’t Noah, or we would have been flooded.  L.Ron Hubbard took his flock to sea.  I liked the parts of the movie where celebrities are taken in by the cult, but the most compelling part of the movie was Paul Haggis who I’ve met.  He is a brilliant guy and in the movie you can tell that, and you get the sense of what it takes for someone of his grace and intelligence to admit that he fell for something that was a fraud.  It was very moving.  He has a deep wisdom about him that makes you understand how we can all dive into things and then find out they aren’t what we thought.


I recovered from some of my exhaustion, went to shiatsu treatment twice, went on long walks and drank a lot of green juice with my turkey.  Altogether a very good Thanksgiving break, and I have so much to be grateful for.Wadi.Rum.original.1777

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