Life is not like the movies.


It happens a lot more slowly than the movies.  The beaches are the dirtier in the movies.  Women are not as beautiful in real life as they are in the movies unless you are in New York.


The skies are big in the movies, and the fields purple and golden and beautiful.


The lighting is perfect in the movies, but in real life the lighting is often all wrong and you look older than you want to look if you care about such things.


The other thing I like about life in the movies is there’s always the right music playing.  I’ve tried to do that myself.  I played “Riding the Metro” the first time I rode on the Metro.  And I played the Grand Canyon Suite the first time I drove up to the Grand Canyon in the cool morning mist and I ate turkey sandwiches sitting with my feet over the edge.


Real life is wetter and yummier, it’s smellier and dirtier, the screams are real, the crying is undeniable.


Unlike the movies, it all really happened to you, and it’s happening right now.  Look around you, in so many ways the world is a beautiful place, in so many ways, it’s a mixed up place.  Mostly, I keep thinking about all the love, all the forgiveness and the way the moon looks when it’s full of light and pregnant over the water.

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