Beach and stories

When you drink coffee in the morning, you aren’t lonely any more.  Even if you slept with someone and weren’t very lonely to begin with.  There is something about waking into your new day and remembering things.  You splash your face and there it all is. Like it’s today and you think about what day it is and what you have to do.  And the story you were reading the night before piles in on you.  I am always reading at night.

Just finished Percival Everett’s Half Inch of Water which is fantastic, and now Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See, but also The M Train by Patti Smith and Laura Groff’s Fates and Furies which I am crazy about.  It’s the quintessential up market fiction.

In the lobby, a small boy was in time out, but he began talking to his mother about how he will work many jobs to support her as he grows up.  He promised to be a police officer and work other jobs as well. I gave him the look grownups give when they want to ask something and he held up five fingers.

Today is Molly’s birthday and this weekend we are celebrating with parties and music.  We are moving very quickly through space and we have to slow down to write or do our art work.  That isn’t easy.

This coffee is good.

The five year old wants a bagel, but he won’t behave so he isn’t getting one.

We want and we want.

Sit down I say to myself.  You want to write? Just write. The day is coming toward you. There’s the beach and writing and I may swim.  In California, the beach is full of promise.

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  1. I love it.
    The coffee here in Nepal is some
    Of the worst I’ve had, but the splash in the face does the trick nicely.
    If you want to write, write.
    Your inspire me

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