The Moon is watching us sail through the skies.

The Benefit was a huge success.  Amy Bloom was wonderful; I want to know her for the rest of my life.  Brian Turner’s poetry has such vigor, it makes you want to write big and Major Jackson’s work is achingly beautiful.  He and his wife are so kind.  We hung out at the cocktail party and last night as well.  He invited me to come and visit next time I’m in Florida.  Next time I see Major and his wife, I plan to have a martini.  I wasn’t up to it last night, I was so glad to get through the Benefit which was even more successful than last year.  I just needed some rest, water and antibiotics.

I’ve come around to the bright side of the moon. Major Jackson’s generosity  and kindness did my heart good.   It is good to remember that I’m loved and that something I’ve done in the world has been worthwhile.  Red Hen is thriving, the Benefit was a great success.  I feel the ship sailing ahead, and the wind filling our sails.

The moon is watching us sail through the upper skies.   It gets dark sometimes, but then the moon rises.

Thank you Major Jackson, Amy Bloom and Brian Turner, and thank you to everyone who came to our Benefit.

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