What if you are not the sum of your genes or your environment?

How long have couples been reading at night? Reading stories before you sleep.

Some people watch television before they sleep.  I like to read, and then when I sleep, the stories become part of the dreams.

We saw the film, Being Flynn which is about mental illness, homelessness and about the stories that our parents tell us and how they stick with us.  Like many people, I like to think that I am absolutely nothing like either of my parents.  I don’t know either of them so that may not be true.  But it feels true.

I love my children.  My parents gave their children away as babies.  That’s enough reason to be different.  I don’t know if there are ways that I am like my parents, and I suppose I will never find out.

In Nick Flynn’s book, he’s afraid of being like his suicidal mother, his mentally ill father.

I’ve read a lot about genes vs. environment.  If your genetic makeup isn’t good and the environment in which you were raised was controlling and crazy, then what have you got?  You have to throw out all the genes and environment and find magic out of strands of nothing.

Psychologists say it’s either genes or environment.  They are wrong. There are other ways of forming your way of flying yourself from the end of a kite string.

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  1. Of course it isn’t as simple as genes or environment and that’s it. Even a psychologist should know that.

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