I grew up sleeping on the floor, and I slept very well there.

As a child I spent much of my young life working with horses and sheep.

I did a lot of farm work, and that stuck with me as a good way to learn about life.

In my twenties when I first slept in a bed, I was confused by why I was upon a raised platform rather than lying comfortably and safely on the floor.

I l like gardening and horses.  I still sleep quite well on the floor.

My kids grew up with beds but they can sleep quite well on the floor.

Being able to sleep on the floor and raise food and ride a horse are good skills to have in the case of wanting to live well or in case of the zombie apocalypse or event just getting left behind in the Rapture.

Stephen is on his way to Nepal where he will be staying near the monkey temple.

Our garden is beginning to rest.  We will fill the beds in January and trim the roses.  Right now the roses are fully blooming.

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