Dream of poetry and warm air

When I started college, I was still sleeping on the floor or in my car.  My car was an old Ford.  There was room in the back seat for sleeping.

The summer I decided to drive West, I sold the Ford which broke down all the time and I bought a Pontiac Sunbird which had a sunroof.  It was a small car and it was hard to sleep in it, but I managed.

On the trip to Arizona, I never stopped at a restaurant or stayed in a hotel.  I slept in the car and locked the doors.

The car broke down in Texas and it was very hot.  I hitch hiked and a truck came by.  The driver took my car into town and bought me a beer.

I stayed in Arizona for a few years and finished college.  I got a different broken down car.

I remember Rita Dove, Norman Dubie, and margaritas and reading Neruda on the beach in Mexico.  It hardly ever rained. We couldn’t go out until late at night. I learned to read poetry and mostly I had a place indoors. But outdoors was warm too.  The story of my life included cacti and I love the way the dream of warm swirled through my poetry and ideas.

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