Too much champagne


Getty flowers…

I like honeysuckle, so when we moved here, I planted some in front and back.  One area was gravel, then the honeysuckle started.  It spread.  I thought about the honeysuckle and then jasmine came to mind.  The way jasmine fills the air, sweet and tangled.  So I planted some jasmine and it started growing along the wall and then into the honeysuckle.  What I thought about the following summer was how happy bougainvillea made me when I first moved to Los Angeles and saw it growing up bridges and walls and next to freeways, then I wanted some pink bougainvillea in our yard, so I put it next to the honeysuckle which was already laced in with the jasmine.  After it got going, I remembered something important; I really like purple.  That’s when I got a purple bougainvillea and planted it next to the pink one, and then it was fantastic.  The pink and purple started mixing and climbing all over the tree, and from one side of the house, the pink and purple bougainvillea are climbing high up into the trees.  Then we had this bouquet someone gave me with a curly willow stem that started putting out roots.  I couldn’t bear throwing it away.  It had these baby roots, so thin and tender and wet.  I took it out into the back yard and stuck it into the ground.  We now have a very tall curly willow tree.  I planted a schefflera tree which we had in a pot, and it is tall and flowering.  There was also a baby orange tree and now it is big. Then we planted a fig tree, then an empress tree, our yard is tiny; it’s not big enough for a pool or a gazebo. It’s like a postage stamp all over run with trees and flowers.  Flowers want light and space so they keep climbing up, taking over the sky.  We don’t have a gardener; it’s all running wild.   Soon there will be a birthday party for Tobi.  Maybe even with cake.  I remember Tobi at her first birthday, sinking her entire face into the cake.  Too much cake, too many flowers, too much life.  Too much champagne, but that’s all in the past.  Now, there’s no champagne. Flowers. I think about flowers.

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