Consider the Lilies, Kate Gale

Sit quietly while others eat.

Understand.  This is not personal.

Walk the gutter.

Note sunlight on street. Not for you.

You were born without arms and legs.

You were born without face.

Without money in your pockets.

You have no pockets.

You were sowed on rocky ground.

Your parents had no land.

They are landless.  Will never have land.

They are not an island.  Or water.

They are not.  You are not.  Of this earth.

Nothing on earth conspires to sustain you.

Chalk it up to bad genes.  And no lamp.

No meadow. Wood. Glade. Dappled sunlight.

Make the best of your red checkered tablecloth.

Of your corn.  Canned fish.

Crackers. Tomato soup.  Onions. Garlic.

You have eggs.  There will be more of you.

Pray without ceasing.  Imagine writing.

Or painting.  Imagine music.  Or don’t.

You don’t have time. You don’t have eyes.

Or ears. Your hands work furiously.

But produce nothing.  You can’t reach

the sill of the well.

Consider the lilies.

From 2nd and Church

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