AWP is Us – Update 8/26/15

I apologize for this post and the hurt it caused. Red Hen Press values inclusiveness and diversity in publishing. Our Mission: “Red Hen Press is committed to publishing works of literary excellence, supporting diversity, and promoting literacy in our local schools. We seek a community of readers and writers who are actively engaged in the essential human practice known as literature.”

We continuously strive to make sure the books we publish are by a wide diversity of authors of all walks of life, of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds, and religious beliefs. We honor transparency as a way to improve the publishing world and we honor your right to criticize.

I thank the writing and reading community for your passion and commitment to change and diversity. I look forward to hearing more from all of you in the next couple of months on how Red Hen can continue to be a partner with authors in the publishing world and an ally to diversity in the community.

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  1. I read your riff as an obvious humor piece. Not too comfortable with an apology and retraction, but so be it.

  2. Your life’s work is proof to me of your commitment to diversity. The range of books published by Red Hen Press is testament to this vision.

    Not everyday can reside in the, “Goldilocks’ Zone.” At least not the interesting ones. I’ll see you at upcoming Red Hen events.


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