I have much to learn

By the time I take the midnight plane to NY, I will have been at the Albuquerque airport for nearly eight hours.  I put Tobi and Molly on their plane six hours ago.  I will then fly to Boston.

During my airport time, I have had one bowl of soup, one bottle of water. I have watched a thunderstorm and the sun setting.  I have caught up on all my email. I have made notes from the Retreat and made plans for the book I am finishing.  I have slept and waked and I am ready to sleep again.

If Mark were in an airport for eight hours he would read and write.  I usually don’t.  I like to work and get things done but airports don’t feel conducive to creative work although I can write pretty well on trains.  I am taking a train from Boston to NY tomorrow and from NY to DC on Wednesday so who knows, I may write then.

The AROHO Retreat was both wonderful and exhausting.  Seeing my friends Darlene and Tracey and Bhanu is always a very happy experience.  Meeting with Joy Castro was inspiring.  I’ve ordered her other books on Amazon and I can’t wait to read them. Leigh Haber from O Magazine reminding us that she’s really a book lover just like us, that was great.

There are also odd bits that happen that make you smile.  Last night sitting on the porch with Janet Fitch she told me that the vodka she brought to the Retreat, Stoli was much better than the Ketel One I had brought. It’s good to know.

In case you think you know stuff, there is always someone to tell you that you really don’t.  I like that.  There are very few subjects that I am expert on, so I have a lot to learn.  Right now, I wish I could learn how to sleep well on planes.

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