Dreaming of rain

I actually dream of rain.  I wake up in the morning and realize that it still isn’t raining.  I want rain.  We are supposed to get torrents of rain this winter.  If you live by the ocean, in a house perched on a hill, this could be deadly.  We don’t, but in the last El Nino year, a large part of our neighbor’s tree fell on our house.

Tomorrow I am going to Mendocino to speak at the Mendocino Writing Conference.  This is my topic:

The Writing Life: To Write or Not to Write, That is the Question

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of putting aside drinking, partying, sex, family, craziness—to be a writer at least for ten or twenty hours a week.

What you need to be a writer: Time and a room of your own. Brain space for writing. A thinking life that lends itself to writing. Stakeholders in your writing life. A writing community..

Where do MFA programs, conferences or workshops fit into all this? How do you build a sustainable life as a writer and create work that might move toward publication? We”re going to figure this out. From idea to page. From page to print.


I went to Mendocino once before and made a little vacation out of the trip.  This time I am just going in for the talk, I don’t have time for more vacation.

Sunday I am off to Ghost Ranch which will be epic.  Tobi and Molly are going also, they will be with me and I will see Darlene, Tracey, Mary and all my friends and it will be utterly fantastic.  The moon will be sliver in the sky when we arrive and then it will disappear, but the stars will rise throwing gossamer threads of light across the mesas.


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