I’ve committed all these crimes but one. We humans fumble for happiness but make so many mistakes along the way.

There are so many of us on this planet.

We bump into each other in the dark.

We say things that annoy the ones we love.

We apologize or fail to apologize.

We fall in love and we need to be loved back.

We fall asleep when we should be making love.

We forget each other’s birthdays.

We forget to come home.

We forget to plan a vacation.

We go on vacation but we think of our own pleasure.

We don’t make the right food.

We don’t make any food at all.

We drink too much.

We are thirsty for something big.

We smoke weed in the bathroom when we’ve been asked not to.

We tell secrets that we’ve been asked not to tell.

We wear the wrong clothes.

We are angry and can’t find the right words so we use the wrong ones.

We find that people don’t read our minds and that makes us angry.

We realize someone is reading our mind and that makes us angry.

We want people around us to understand us.

We don’t want to have to think about everyone’s drama.

We wish we had a therapist, the right therapist.

We resent people who are always quoting their therapist.

We talk to God but nobody answers.

We go for long walks on the beach and pretend to be in movies.

We wish our whole life felt like movies.

We write big stories and then forget about them.

We wear masks when we should be honest.

We are honest when we should wear masks.

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  1. Recently, everything has been happening to me. Inside the van, travelling on the road with four children, I realized how I almost died in a car that was about to flip. I wanted the right words to come, but nothing came. I have felt so much pain from someone manipulating everything that i am. I felt so miserable than becoming my happy self. I have lost every word. I have tried to say things my heart will love to say, but again, I am so thankful that I am still alive. There is so much many people will not know about me. I hope to start a new world, a new life here in a new place.

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