Music speaks our soul language

Come to the Beach House on Tuesday for an amazing reading!

Tonight we are going to the Bowl to hear Dudamel conduct  Eine kleine Nachtmusik.

Even with his hair cut, Dudamel’s energy is fairly electric and we always have yummy food at the Bowl.  This a week of celebration.  Yesterday was Mark’s and my 15th wedding anniversary.  (I gave him a 21 year old port.) And this weekend, we are going to the Edison on Saturday and the Bowl on Sunday to celebrate Stephen’s 24th birthday.

I like music and celebration.  The two go together well.

My editor says that I need to listen to Frank Sinatra and Bono’s rendition of “I’ve got you under my skin,” which I now have, and it is pretty amazing even for someone who’s never really listened to Sinatra.  I skipped the Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra phase of American music although I had quite a Simon and Garfunkel love affair which never ended. It makes Mark laugh to think about that.  It’s odd how other people’s musical taste often seems ridiculous.  Teresa’s husband was chuckling when I told him I liked Neil Diamond so I didn’t mention Bjork or Regina Spektor let alone my obsession with Louis Armstrong.

We all have songs that speak to us, that speak our heart’s musical language.  I love the song, “Smoke gets in your eyes,” but I also love Toto’s “Africa,” which I am pretty sure is ridiculously corny, but smarmy is sometimes good.  I always want writers to add music into stories because I can’t really think about a character properly unless I know what they listen to.

I remember the yummy joy when you first got to someone’s house or apartment and you rifled through the books and records and everything suddenly became very clear.  Johnny Cash is different than the Beatles which is different than Guns and Roses.  As my friend’s kid Zack says, “Don’t yuck on my yum.” Don’t snicker too much at other people’s musical taste.  Surely someone thinks your music is a laugh riot. Lauridsen is my heart’s home music; but someone out there wouldn’t like that either.  That’s what makes people so interesting and peculiar.

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