Yosemite is the palace of the gods.  It’s crazy beautiful.  Joy unbounded.

The good

It is absolutely magnificent.  Half Dome looks like a huge rock cone sheered in half and wildly split open, threads of waterfalls down the rocky hillsides.  Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls, the Mist trail, vast white water plunging downward; we climbed into the water and thick misty air.  We climbed trails from the valley floor which was all campers. The sheer vastness of the rock faces, thrusting up into the wild hot hair.  Many Europeans visit Yosemite; it seems like more of them  than the Americans. Europeans are simply thrilled with Yosemite, they come in thousands, they come in droves.  The Dutch, the Germans, the French, the Italians, give us your huddled masses.

The bad

Yosemite is the Disneyland of national parks.  I’ve never been anywhere in the wild that was quite so crowded.  Every trail you hiked you had to pass many people. The Valley floor was a crowded encampment that was just packed with people.

The weird

We stayed at a campground with all these tent camps, and it was fine; it was nice.  There was a communal barbecue.  I was kind of disappointed because I wanted us to have our own barbecue. One of the joys of camping is sitting around the campfire with your family and making food and drinking beer.  You can hear the waterfall and it’s very peaceful and you’re in chill mode.  Yosemite is breathtaking but there is no chill mode.  It’s like going to Disneyland but you happen to be at the most breathtaking national park you’ve ever seen.

We loved Yosemite.

We’re used to camping in deserted campgrounds; so this was new for us. We were very glad to come home. To go to the Korean spa. To go to Mexican food. To come home and watch Razor’s Edge.

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