Yosemite is magical


All families are crazy, but some are crazier than others.  All have families have their different ways of getting through family crises.  In our family, we all get together, talk together, hang together.  We believe in the power of love.

A friend of mine once said to me, “A good family isn’t always strong, but a good family gathers around its weakest member.” That stuck with me.  And it isn’t always the same person.  Sometimes one person needs help, sometimes someone else.  We gather.  I’d like to say that we always say the right thing, that we do the right thing, but that isn’t true.  We’re not god, we can’t see the future and we don’t always learn from the past.  Sometimes we convince ourselves that we are able to figure it all out, that we know the future, but we don’t.  I’m chatty, so I generally spin forth with my wisdom such as it is.

We are very small in the universe.  Planets revolve around the sun. The Milky Way spreads out for light years, and here we are infinitesimally small, hanging like a dot in space. But we make much of our travels, our art, our music, our relationships as well we might.  This is the life we have; let’s make the best of it.  We’re here in Yosemite where there is a very high danger of fire.  Sometimes when there is very high fire danger you have to be on high alert.  A person can only stay on high alert so long.  We have a wonderful family even when we find ourselves in fire danger, we have water.  We have water.

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