Time to grow up.


What you’re supposed to do when it’s time to grow up.

  1. Stop getting drunk. In public. (for the record I haven’t done this for quite a while.0
  2. Work out. Get in shape and stay in shape. (working on it)
  3. Don’t cheat on whoever you are with.(I got this)
  4. Stay clean. In every way. (got this)
  5. Work, get some education and get one of those good jobs. (working on it)
  6. Do something interesting. Be interesting.(working on it)
  7. Straighten up and fly right. Come on out of the rain. (work in progress)
  8. Cook your meals. Don’t eat out of the can. Quit eating ramen. ((in progress)
  9. Know where your keys are. Know where all your stuff is. (on it)
  10. Know who you are. Quit trying to find yourself. Know yourself and above all else to thine own self be true.

I am not really grown up myself but I am working on it.

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