How do you get things done?

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Some of us play helpless and get others to do it for us.  Some of us only play helpless when we’re dealing with a man.  If there isn’t a man around, we function just fine.

Some men pretend they can’t feed themselves whenever a woman is around.  That gets a little exhausting.  Come on, I want to say.  You can make pancakes. You can make toast.  How hard is it to cook chicken? But what they really want is to have a woman waiting on them.

Likewise with the ladies.  I admit. I could change a tire, but I don’t’ want to.  And as it happens, I don’t have to.  Anytime I need a tire changed, I call AAA or I stand by the side of the road and let my skirt blow.  Once, three guys came by who did not know how to change a tire.  Then a couple lesbians came by, and one of them changed it immediately.  Stephen was four.  He really liked those lesbians. One had a knife in her boot.  That early experience with lesbians prepared him for a lifetime.

I know people who are always sick or can’t work or can’t get to work on time, something is always wrong with them physically and we are all supposed to do their work for them.  That gets old.

Or you’re always late. And people are supposed to not mind. (I’ve been that person.)

Think about your characters’ gesture on the world.  What do they insist on doing themselves? What do they insist someone else do for them?

If you’re in need of help, can you ask for it?  Lisa and Kate Coles saved my life during the whole Mark crisis with dinners.  That was great and I was not afraid to admit I was running out of energy to do it all.

Think about how your character accepts help or doesn’t or how he/she manipulates others into doing something for them, think about what you do yourself.  What do you feel you should do yourself, and what do you feel you shouldn’t have to?

We all have a gesture on the world. Know your characters as if they acted upon you.

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  1. You have a way of waking me up. I do`nt know why I am resisting everything?

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