Does your character eat quiche or bacon? It matters.


Describing your character is important but few characteristics are more vital than what food they eat. We all eat.  We all drink something.  The choices we make have a great deal to do with we are.  So let me roll through assumptions we make based on diet.

You eat red meat.  You’re a solid American male or you’re from one of the square states.

You eat kosher. You’re Jewish.

You don’t like sushi. You probably prefer barbecue to fine dining.

You like small cucumber sandwiches. You either are upper class or want to appear so. Seriously, who eats cucumber sandwiches unless you’re at the Huntington or high tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace which I simply love and when Teri and Karen come to London, we’re going.

You eat chicken liver and sour cream and herring.  You are of Russian heritage or you like Russian food.

You eat corn. You’re from the Midwest.

You eat lots of salads with avocado. From California.

You eat fast food. Not a good sign that you are classy or care about your figure.

You eat pizza. Not really much of a sign. Everyone eats pizza.

Make food work for you.  If you have your woman obsessing about what kind of lettuce has fewer categories, that tells you so much about her.  Once a year, a group of my women friends who all help work on the Red Hen benefit have lunch.  My friend Teresa who has now moved to Texas used to be part of the group.  We all ordered our ice tea or Arnold Palmers and our various salads.  Teresa ordered a rare burger and fries.  She has a beautiful hourglass figure, she is funny and cool but when she orders that burger and fries, I always think how brave she is, how boldly Texan she is.  How she is not hesitating from life.  How she dives in completely.  I chew on my arugula and think how lucky I am to have her as a friend.   Teresa is completely in love with life.  She doesn’t hesitate.  She orders what she wants for lunch and eats it.  Think, as a writer about what food you put on your characters’ plates.  Food isn’t everything about us, but it’s something.

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  1. You make life easy for me, but I have hesitated to write here. I miss everyone , I want to run and move on, but I also have a life that no one can come close to understanding. The only option now is to run to a place, new and gentle. A place where i can sit down and trust my heart. Make me stay, provide me a safe blog so that i can show you what i have been doing for the past two years.

  2. My protagonist is a vegetarian. I personally have never considered vegetarianism though I am not a huge fan of meat. I eat a bit of beef, pork, chicken or seafood most days.
    I also eat lots of salads and avocado & live in SoCal. I have no regrets about that. I do occasionally have a burger with everything and love every bit, even the bites I share with my partner.
    My protagonist being a vegetarian was an important part of who she is and who she becomes.

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