Many things we assume based on our own experience are wrong.

I notice liberals assume everyone around them is liberal. In California, that’s mostly true.  In the red states, not so much.

We assume everyone has eaten sushi.

Stayed at a nice hotel.

Gone camping.

Held a child.

Taken care of a sick person.


Bought a nice outfit.

Shopped at Target.

Watched Home Shopping Networks.

Eaten truck stop food.

Gone to bed hungry.

Run from the police.

Been afraid they had cancer.

Been afraid they or their partner was pregnant.

Had too much to drink.

Broken speed laws.

Caught a taxi.

Stayed up all night.

Eaten bananas and whipped cream.

Been proposed to.

Been lied to.


Been robbed.

Flown in a plane.

Fallen in love.

You’re a writer. Don’t make assumptions.  All of these are true of me except one.  Unless you know really know me, you would not which one.  Know your character as well as your siblings, your best friends, your housemates.  Don’t make assumptions about your reader or your characters.  Go to bed with them. Let them move in. Let them take over your head space.  Write from cellular knowledge.

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  1. Kate, how can I mention the word divorce? For most writers, it is one of the things we don’t talk about. It is something I will like to see, open up, and share a bit of that life. It is something that has hit home, yet, it is crippling. I worry about life now and moving on. There are things I would have loved to be secret, yet our lives can never be secret anymore . I have hurt everyone that believed in me yet, I have faced the months difficult days that I hate to put it out here.It is something I will like to see. It is something that has hit home. It is crippling, and we are trying to save it. I worry about life now and moving on. How can I stand tall in my discussion of marriage without hurting myself, over the decision I want to take, and what it means to all the children? But you will still get it now, right and moving on. It has not happened yet; I will continue to work hard on it, while everyone exercise patient. He was the reason that I am still here, without him, all this days would have been empty, yet because of him, my writing has slowed down. I have never had his full support and it has hurt me more than anyone will think.Hopefully we will arrive to our new state in a week`s time, where i will have more focus.

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