You have a cape? Give me superman.

One of the ideas you try to convey to writers is to think about the weight that each piece of the story has beyond itself.  You have a melon being crushed. Think head.  You have a head. Think John the Baptist. You have a character eating an apple. Think Garden. You have a character flying to save the girl. Think Pegasus.  You have someone constructing wings so they can show off.  Think Icarus.  You have a girl who cannot walk in her tiny shoes.  Think Cinderella’s sisters. Think Chinese women for thousands of years.  You have a girl ready to cut out her tongue to have a prince. Think mermaid.  You have someone willing to die for another. Think Jesus.  You have a black man silenced. Think the history of slavery. You have a story without a beginning. Think the creation of the universe. You have a story without ending.  Think your life. Your story. The big thing you’re in the middle of living.

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  1. Kate, when I hear or listen to you, I see where you’re re coming from. But the problem is not even what I have now or don’t have, but just like when you see what happens in the media, see how they take stories, and make it one side affairs, then who is controlling all this stories, who is making all this assumptions, but the problem is not the story, your story, my story, but what happened when one give up a story, not yet finished. What happened when we come out to explain things no one will make sense of? , how can you convince your people to see you as the same as they are, but knowing that there are bigger forces out there is just half of the frustrations.

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