Home sweet home!

We are glad to be coming home to Los Angeles.  Mark misses sushi so much so we are going out for sushi right away with the whole family to discuss Jared’s trip and ours and Tobi starting at Red Hen and Steve having a fantastic summer and the dog having to go to the vet and the air conditioning breaking down on July 4th which expense will cause us to have to sell the dog who went to the vet so thank god she’s been all fixed up so we should be able to charge enough that we can pay for the air conditioning bill. Kidding.

Saw one interesting movie on the plane.  Coco about Chanel.  Such good acting that even for someone like me who doesn’t understand fashion or care about it, the movie was fun to watch and it made me think about my friend Darlene every minute because she’s actually romantic and fashionable and I am sure she loved the movie.

No one would give any money for JJ.  She’s cute enough but not that bright.  However, when our dog Luna was in her last stages, we went from feeding dry food to wet food and finally we were cooking a whole chicken every few days and giving her everything down to the marrow.  At that point, Luna was having trouble walking and she limped quite a bit dragging one leg.  JJ watched all this, the limping and the chicken and she began to limp as well and to cry as she dragged her leg along. When she couldn’t see us, she’d be out, playing with Ginger, but when we came into sight, she’s begin to make small whimpering sounds, the occasional howl or dog sob would escape her lips and she would barely be able to navigate from water bowl to bed so great was her pain.  We were shocked at this sort of slimy behavior from our noble canine friend; nonetheless, we rewarded her efforts with bits of chicken and cheese.  Perhaps she is a bright dog, who knows?

This will be a great week: Sushi, a party at Doris Sosin’s house on Monday.

We look forward to the Tuesday night event at the Annenberg Beach House which will be amazing.


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