Pride Week Celebration, Madrid, I will survive

Madrid Spain, we are here for Pride Weekend which is a jolly good thing because we missed Pride in the U.S. especially in West Hollywood and San Francisco where I hear it was really rocking.  Here, we attended a gay rally which had more beautiful gay boys than I’ve seen for ages just loving up on each other.  So many gay people singing, dancing and celebrating.

We’re at a hotel called Only You which makes this ruthless tequila drinks.

We’re at the Pride celebration and these drag queens are singing and everyone I dancing.  I’m on a tall bench and I’m dancing and then the drag queen comes out to sing I will survive in Spanish, she has huge knockers but when she turns around and peels off her wedding dress piece by piece, she has ass from here to some other country and in her tight beaded white outfit, you can see all of it, and she’s in heels.  I tell you, the men went wild and that’s when I noticed Mark was being interviewed on Spanish television. I raced over to see if he was okay since his Spanish is limited, but he was having no problem, sheets to the wind, telling several Spanish reporters, how proud he is of his amazing lesbian daughter and her partner and then they were asking where Tobi is and why she is not in Madrid to celebrate Pride week with the LGBT community.  I didn’t really catch what his response was, but later he told me that in indicated that we all wished Tobi were there to celebrate.  She and Molly would have taken it all to a new level.

We went out afterward for paella.  We fly to NY tomorrow, Sunday Los Angeles.  Home sweet home.

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