Nerja Caves and Aqueduct

imagesWe explored the Nerja Caves today.  They don’t let you see the cave paintings. They say that the caves have been inhabited by humans for more than 20,000 years, and hyenas have spent some time in the caves as well.  The whole place is enormous.  You feel like the darkness is swallowing you. They are 32 metres high.  Three huge galleries stretch away into small rooms. We hiked out to the caves and walked all through them and then got lunch.  We got a tomato salad, fries, Manchego and olives. Mark had a beer and I had a glass of white wine.  We paid 7 EU for that lunch.  We hiked by the old aqueduct which is kind of amazing as well, hanging against the sky.

Tonight Mark made paella again and we had some Spanish wine.  Good Spanish wine is about 8 EU. Great wine like we’re having tonight is 14 EU.  Of course, there is some spectacular stuff that’s even more, but I’m cool with great.

We’re writing well, getting a lot done.  So far, I’ve written a piece for Huffington Post

a piece for The Guardian and a piece for O Magazine.  So one is accepted, the other two hanging in the balance. I’m on to the next project. We’re writing well and we like this little town. It’s very laid back here. Tomorrow I’m going swimming again.

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