I love this picture of Gore Vidal and my former hero Anais Nin


Vacation is about breathing and dreaming. It’s not about planning every single minute and getting the most out of it.  I’m reading a collection of short stories by Gore Vidal, Clouds and Eclipses.  Vidal was vilified by the American literary community for being gay.  I remember meeting him when I was president of PEN and he was being honored.  “Ursula,” he called out to LeGuin.  “I’ve read everything you’ve written.” It still brings tears to my eyes thinking of that.  We live in a world that lacks generosity.  And not the way writers mean.  Writers think if he/she would just publish me, all would be different, but it isn’t quite like that.  It’s actually helping people and not always thinking you are better than other writers.

Money creates a bit of a cushion.  Without a cushion, you’re often sitting on a rocky coastline which is still better than a cornfield if you ask me. You can see the waves.

The Mediterranean is dirty.  People say the Southern California coastline is dirty and the waters are polluted. Sure, I once swam for two hours in the ocean at Redondo Beach and had to go to the hospital because my eyes were literally gelling over because of all the bacteria, but I’ve never done a lot of swimming in the Med that didn’t send me scurrying for antibiotics. I am shimmering on the edge of the need for penicillin. I’m going to try to hold out until I’m stateside.

The house we are staying in has a laundry machine and racks for drying clothes. The rest of the world is not so much into dryers.

Okay, you can read the whole article, but 10 reasons that Europe is kicking our ass besides the fact that we have to deal with the Christian right which let’s face it is like Scientology, more into mind control than logic.  It’s like the only part of Spock they picked up on was the part where he does that hand thing and makes you go to the ground.  That’s just if you’re the bad guy or you’re Kirk and you’re being stupid.  The essence of Spock is logic, my friend.

Okay, here we go with the 10.

  1. Lower Incarceration Rates
  2. Less Violent Crime Than the U.S.
  3. Better Sex Education Programs, Healthier Sexual Attitudes
  4. Anti-GMO Movement Much More Widespread
  5. Saner Approaches to Abortion
  6. More Vacation Time
  7. Universal Healthcare

8.Greater Life Expectancy

  1. Mass Transit Systems
  2. Europeans More Likely to Speak Foreign Languages


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  1. Why is she your “former” hero?….

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