Moonrise over Alhambra

Day 8 Barcelona

Barcelona is the city of Gaudi.  But oddly, it took quite a while for the city to take to him.  Picasso loathed his work which was clearly ahead of its time.  Orwell hated his work and wished the revolutionaries had blown it up.  Gaudi died in a paupers’ hospital and because he worked from his imagination, it was impossible to finish his work as he would have wished.  Now, you walk around Barcelona and see evidence of his flamboyant style everywhere.  We’re in the area they call the Rambla which has a lot of tourists most of them Italian and German.  We’ve seen very few Americans this trip.

We are taking the night train to Granada but even though we’re married, we are not allowed to sit in the same car.  The Spanish forbid it.  They believe married couples should be kept separate when on trains.  You think I’m kidding? I’m not. I didn’t even want to go on the train if we couldn’t be in the same car, but Mark really wants to go to Granada.  The town is well known for the palace of Alhambra but I was willing to pass on that.  I want to drink champagne and pretend to be Jane and Paul Bowles, although now I’m thinking since both of them were gay maybe I can bring champagne into the girl car and he can bring some into the boy car and we can pretend all we like. The moon is rising over Alhambra.  We’re ready to be in Nerja for a week, get to some writing and thinking.   I read Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend.  It isn’t my thing but I can see why people love it.  I can’t get into excitement about childhood love affairs and childhood friendships.  I liked Cat’s Eye because the main character moved on from all that.  I’m not interested in girls and their cliques, but everyone loves the book, it’s so Italian.

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