You will see many wonders. A cow on top of a building.

Okay, we haven’t seen a cow on a building, but still.  We have seen odd things this trip including a torture chamber in the dungeon at the castle of Meung Sur Loire.  Long before 50 Shades of Grey made torture fun for dating couples, torture chambers were all the rage in Medieval castles.

Day 1-3 Paris—the robbery, I would not recommend Paris to anyone. It’s dirty, crowded, over run with tourists and literally filthy with pickpockets.  Sure, the museums are nice, but basically it’s an unfriendly city that gloats as you lose your shirt.  Our hotel was nasty.  I sat in the stairway emailing my daughter cancelling my credit cards. Then we left. We saw the Louvre and went up the Eiffel Tower.  Paris was gone and we were on the train.

My friends gave me the following items which I miss:

Lisa: the purse and the change purse

Elise: my 7 year pen

Kate Coles: my really cool silver space pen

Sasha: business card case with letters on it

Mark: wooden hair pin and Little Prince phone cover

Darlene—the inside purse for organizing my stuff

I like thinking about having friends.

Days 4-5

Staying with Darlene in the middle of France, visiting the castle and having the most amazing French food.  Sheep jumping the fence into her yard.  Her willow tree reaching long green fingers into the yard; her house like a sunflower, opening and petalled and full of serene joy.  A house with a lilt and a hum.

Days 6-7 Avignon

We went to the pope’s palace and there were several popes  who lived there while the papacy was in France.  We walked all the way around the walled city of Avignon in less than an hour and a half. The papal palace was a fortress for the popes; and they felt extra safe within their fortress which was inside the walled city. The fortress has walls that are 17-18 feet thick.  That makes for a formidable fortress built into a rock.  The city originally had a moat.  I really like the idea of living in a house with a moat because then you’d have to cross a little drawbridge just to exit your domain.  Most people don’t have a moat, so if your house had one, it would dominate the moat-less houses.

Day 8 Barcelona

Kind of a nice city, but very crowded.  The feeling is that you are part of a large party.  I like the feeling of Barcelona.  I like a party city that isn’t trying to strip you down and take your money.

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