Paris has Thieves

I was robbed my first night in Paris almost as soon as I stepped out of the hotel before we even found dinner.  About one hour ago in fact.  It happened so quickly, I didn’t even see who did it.  We went back to the hotel afterward, and Mark thought I would pull myself together and then we’d still go out to dinner.  I lay around in the fetal position for a while and then sat up to blog a bit but I am not moving.  My daughter is cancelling my cards and I am just staying huddled in my room at this point.  I’m sure we will go to a couple museums tomorrow but I’m over Paris. It’s crazy how it all happened so fast. When we came here, I wondered if Mark and I would fall in love with Paris and want to come here more. I was very curious. Well, that mystery is solved.

One can have a house robbed, a car, a spouse, a purse full of your life, and the latter is probably not the very worst. The purse was given to me by my friend Lisa and may be the only good purse I’ve ever had.  But I am letting it go, I’m just staying huddled in my hotel room while I do all this breathing and letting go.  Which isn’t easy to do in a hostile zone.

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  1. That’s awful. You could take a splendid day trip by train outside of Paris to Chartes. The cathedral there is awesome but the town has the charm of the South of France and there’s an amazing folk art museum there that is a home completely tiled in mosaics by its former inhabitant, who spent his entire lifetime quietly creating this wonder. It remains my favorite French art experience, Chartes ‘ La Maison Picassiette Mosaic.

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