Someone in our neighborhood owns a black new Lamborghini Countach.

kk 025

This was the last few minutes of wine tasting, I was kind of done.

The Lambo looks nice crouching by the house of its owner.  The house is worth about half what the car is worth.  The house is run down and has no landscaping, no trees and is badly in need of a paint job.  The car is magnificent.  We don’t live in a Lamborghini neighborhood.  We live in a Honda neighborhood although the Persians have Mercedes. The Sikhs have BMWs and SUVs, the rest of us drive Hondas and Kias and Toyotas.

Cars define us here in Los Angeles more than they should. A car says I’ve got it going on. You might be living over your auntie’s garage but if you are driving a Ford Escalade, you’ve got game.

Mark just went to a men’s barber shop I found on yelp but it was all gang members with tats getting buzz cuts and he didn’t feel he fit in, so I sent him to the gay guys across the street where I should have sent him in the first place.

We’re getting ready to go to NY on Sunday and I can’t have him looking like a mountain man.  In NY, how YOU look matters and what YOU wear especially your shoes.  I know I don’t have the right look, shoes, dress size so I just play it like I got game anyway.

Your life is not as easy as it could be.  You receive disturbing emails. You try your best to be nice but everything you say makes them madder at you. At a certain point, you’re afraid of waking up with a horse head in your bed.  All the interesting people I know have challenges that send them to the edge.  The edge is where you learn what you’ve got.

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  1. They have hacked into the only computer we have now, you can see them controlling my hand as i write. I may not have computer again for another two days. i will go and see how to fix this one. Enough of making money off of poor people.

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