Who is Everybody? Do what everybody likes, think what everybody thinks and watch everybody

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Publish the work everybody likes, write the books everybody likes, act in the movies everybody wants to see.  That’s what you’re told.  And the question that I ask myself is who is everybody?

We’re told in train stations and airports to watch everybody and report anybody who is doing something wrong.  If you see someone leaving a bag, a parcel, a book, you should report them.  I don’t like this spying business.  I don’t like the idea that Facebook is spying on us and they are.  Should I report them?

If you see something, say something.  It starts like that.

We all have people we want to watch or don’t want to think about.   I was talking to this guy in NY when we had an event at the Player’s Club and he explained to me that he was no longer hanging out with what he called “upholstered people,” and by that he meant people who were overweight.  That phrase has stuck with me.  “Upholstered people.”  You throw out a phrase like that, you throw people into a category like that into one pile like that with the dirty laundry and then you don’t have to deal with those people any more.

They are not part of the everybody for you any more.  They are part of someone else’s everybody.   Open the doors.  Open the windows.

Make room in your heart for as many people as you can.  The world is a big place.

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  1. Who is in charge of our lives? Who is in charge of what is happening to us here. Who is reaping the fruits of our labors? They took over our emails, they have access to land. They have protection over our lives, we cannot do anything anymore. It is bad, really bad, and it has made our lives horrible. There is so much I see here. I saw the same thing 3years ago. Someone owns all of the things we have created here and we are working tirelessly for no reasons.

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