Are you afraid of oysters?

Most humans are afraid of something.  We’e afraid of dying or growing old, of being invisible or of being disliked by family members.  Some people are afraid of flying in airplanes.  The list of fears experienced is very long.

Fear of people not liking you is a big one.  My suggestion.  Do your best to live with grace, integrity and compassion.  And then just breathe.

Lots of people wish they were rich and famous partly because if one were rich and famous it seems as if you would have nothing to be afraid of.  It seems like with enough money no one would be mean to you, nobody would be rude to you.  You would not be invisible because you would have money to shield you against being invisible.

It’s best not to tell anyone what you are afraid of because then they have something over on you.  If someone asks what you’re afraid of, tell them oysters.

I like the idea of figuring out how to do something big with my life. To hell with fears.  I am going to do something amazing. And when I’ve done something amazing, I will celebrate with oysters.

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