You are missing something exciting happening somewhere on the planet every minute, let that be okay

You are missing whatever is happening at the Sydney Opera House.  This season Turandot is playing at the Sydney Opera House, and you may miss it unless you make plans now.  For the record, seeing an opera at the Sydney Opera House is very high on my bucket list.

Right now, all over the world, something exciting is happening and you are missing it.  Often people will say, You really should not miss this, and you think, if I don’t go to this lunch, this dinner, this meeting, this opera, this play, this symphony, this wedding, this concert, this party, then you really will regret it.  I believe in getting out of the house.  I believe in going out and having some fun, but I also think there is something to staying home and relaxing.  The fact is that everywhere on the planet there is something exciting happening that you are missing.  You can’t do everything.   Get out, live in the world, but also stay home when you need to live in your imagination.  We must live in the balance.

Last night’s concert was really fine.  Hila Plitmann  was amazing.  I can hear her voice ringing in my head like blues, and joy mixed up.

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  1. I so appreciate this reflection on balance in a world where overwhelment can easily get a grip. It is such an exciting, beautiful, energetic universe. Sometimes this amazingness is best felt by just sitting under a tree and smiling. Or reading a book.

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