Back from wine tasting

We are part of a big adventure, and in that adventure, we are heroes.  This is a great weekend of being with Tobi and Molly and talking with Stephen. And driving and wine, and love and family.  Which is a good part of what makes life worth living.  Us and love and magic.

When you work at a non profit, you have to remember who your friends are and who supports the organization. Some of those people overlap, some do not.  You have friends, and in our case, we had friends before we started the press, and they are still our friends.  You make new friends along the way, but some of them are just your friends, not friends of the non profit. Many of our friends are also friends of Red Hen, but we also  have dear friends who are not friends of the press.  If you become too crazed about your organization, you start to forget that you once had a life outside it.  It’s like once you have children, you still have friends who aren’t really into kids at all, let alone your dirty noisy kids.  But they are still your friends.

People have friends outside their jobs, their churches, their kids’ preschool, their dojo.  But non profits tend to be founded by people who throw everything down for the organization and pretty soon every relationship is weighed and measured by its value to the organization.

Mark and I don’t do this, we have a lot of friends who don’t know much about Red Hen or about us as writers.  We write, we have a family, we have the press.  We live a life of the imagination, and we love it. But we remember that our life is our life, our friends are many, the press is the press and sometimes all of that overlaps, and sometimes it doesn’t, and it’s all good.

Great dinner at the Hitching Post in Buellton and at Mattei’s Tavern.

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  1. You are amazing.

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