Poet laureate panel today to choose the state laureate of California

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Population of California is just under 40 million. Population of Canada 35 million. A war between Canada and California would probably be won by Canada; however, because like Russia, Canada is large and cold.  Californians marching toward Canada would give up.  We would not want to leave our beaches, our palm trees, the sand and the surf to hike toward the snow.  We would stop somewhere between Oregon and Washington, we might get as far as Vancouver and eat some sushi, we might eat cherries on Vancouver Island, we might see some bears in Banff National Park, but probably at that point, we would turn around.  We would go home.

But we did not turn around and go home from our poet laureate panel today until we had come up with three names to send to the governor of California, Governor Jerry Brown.  Jerry Brown has a difficult job as governor, but I think he’s doing well with it.  I’d like to meet him sometime and I would ask him a lot of questions.  But mostly, I’d say, Good job.  If I saw him right now, of course, I’d talk with him about poetry, and how we should have more of it in schools.

This weekend we are going wine tasting with the finest lesbians in our family, our new graduate Tobi Harper and her artist girlfriend Molly.  It’s so good to be in a wine producing state next to a tequila producing country.

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