Tobi graduated today, and she’s coming to work for Red Hen Press.

Tobi graduated today with her Masters in English and queer studies.  I always thought she would stay indefinitely in San Francisco, and now she’s coming home to Los Angeles and she is going to work at Red Hen Press, and I feel my world changing, and I am so happy.  Stephen, Molly and Tobi  and two of their truly amazing friends and I went to the Cliff House.  Molly had suggested it and I had no idea how fabulous it would be, the waves crashing, the whales and dolphins, the food was lovely in all this huge glass room, all mist and grey water in the air.  Tobi was so happy and being with her and Stephen and Molly was great.  Their friends were simply divine and elegant and the most romantic lesbians I’ve ever met like Ginger and Fred.  I’m so lucky to have kids who make us all feel like we are dancing on air.  Off to Sacramento to work and then we are going wine tasting.  A great weekend of graduation, wine, family, magic.  Life is one big adventure.  As Stephen says, Mom doesn’t have time for extreme sports, but she makes her life an extreme sport.  I’m not sure that’s always a good thing.  Keep dancing, I tell myself, and I do.

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