In Nebraska there will be lightning bugs

Sometimes after acupuncture, you feel terrible.  They call this blow back.  It’s like having your lights punched out.

Some people like to talk and give you lots of ideas and information about what you could be doing better, but they don’t actually help you.  They like to think their words are enough. I’m not talking about therapy.  The best therapists are giving you tools to change your life like a physical therapist would only it’s mental.  I’m talking about advice givers.  People think that I want advice.  Sometimes sure, sometimes it’s too much like salt in the ocean. Sure we all like salt water, but enough already.

In the Bible, the statue had feet of clay and that meant it had nothing to stand on.

I like ideas falling around me like shooting stars.

In the summer, when I go to Nebraska, Amy, Terri, Karen and I will have some white wine on the patio.  Karen will bring the wine and she brings along little snacks sometimes from her home.  And we’re going to talk about what we’re writing, and we’re going to solve all the problems of the universe, and we’re going to walk in the orchard and see the lightning bugs, and I have a really big idea for Terri’s book that I’m going to tell her and she’s going to love it and it will be epic like falling stars or fireworks or hot summer days at the beach when the waves and the sun melt into each other and you feel that the salt air everywhere and your life is at the top of every wave.

Dinner tonight with Eloise and Colleen at a French restaurant.  I had duck, and we had crème brulee as if we were the thin racy people of the planet and sweet stuff was part of our whole life. A life of candy.

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