Don’t worry. Be Happy

vavoom 081Tobi and Molly on Mother’s Day not worried about a thing

We worry about things we cannot change.

The Spanish word for worry is “preocuparse.”

The French word is “inquiéter.”The Italian word is “preoccuparsi”And the Latin word is “Sollicitudo.” All of these words imply spinning in your head about something you cannot change.Being preoccupied, a lack of quiet.  I like that idea of a lack of quiet.  Because that is what worry does to a person.  Your mind is noisy and turbulent when it should be resting. Your mind makes its way over to some little thing that you cannot solve and keeps circling the drain. You find yourself perseverating when you could be sleeping or relaxing, thinking or breathing. We strain our minds to find a solution that possibly cannot be found. Even if we know that time will solve the problem, or that walking away from the problem would probably yield a solution, we can’t get ourselves let go the mind grip around certain things.  Sometimes we worry about stuff like why does my mother-in-law treat me like that? Other times it’s more serious.   A mind needs rest.  Worry is a lack of quiet.  It is a preoccupation with stuff that holds us back.

I am moving toward breathing.  It’s a journey toward clouds.

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