Barking Dog, Boston Court Theatre

vavoom 070

We went to the theatre this afternoon  at Boston Court.  Everyone should see this play.


We were up early walking up to the park where I often see coyotes when I get up early to run. I haven’t been getting up early to run because I have been utterly exhausted.

Los Angeles is full of coyotes; they come into our yards. The drought has driven them down out of the mountains and they roam the neighborhood looking for cats and small dogs.


Our chickens have been invaded by possums and raccoons.  I came home from out of town to find a coyote at my front door.

The play has the coyotes in it, and the coyotes coming into the city. The coyotes coming up the stoop and into the houses.

The wild is always coming in toward us. We bought plants yesterday including fifty peppers and then Mark bought 6 Carolina Reapers, the hottest pepper in the world at 2,200,000 Scoville units.  We have habaneros, Trinidad scorpions, ghost peppers, but the Carolina Reapers are in a class by themselves. 

It’s got unemployment and the tedium of that and boring jobs.  It’s a lot about boredom and what we do with it.

We gardened all morning after the walk. Jared and Kelly came to help us and we worked the tea garden, the herb garden and the salsa garden.  We planted fifty peppers. 


It’s about arson, sex, animals and living with the natural world.

In this play, the rules of the natural world are mixed with magic.

The best parts of life have magic mixed in. Don’t miss this play.

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