Home sweet home


Home for a whole month.  I’m so excited to be home I can’t stand it.  Since Mark had his heart problem, I’ve been to London, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago and Boston.  It’s so great to be home for a while.  Mark and I need to have some chill time.  We are going to SF for Tobi’s graduation and then for a couple days of wine tasting, but that’s all in California.  Stephen is going off on another epic journey, but we are glad to be home.  I need to breathe.  We’re going out to Sushi Gen tomorrow night with Bill and Sasha Anawalt.

AA likes to point out that realizing there is a problem is a large part of solving the problem.  I’m not sure that’s true.

I realize that I tend to do all kinds of things for people or organizations, and I should curb my enthusiasm.  But realizing this doesn’t change me.  It really makes no sense to do something for someone if you’re going to just resent it afterwards.  Being generous is a wonderful trait, and it’s one of my favorite qualities in a human being, but being ridiculously generous lacks integrity.  I like intelligent people very much.  Intelligence, integrity, compassion, generosity.  All of those are the elements I admire.  But balance is important and somehow, I struggle with balance.  While I’m working on balance, I need to get some sleep.

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  1. I do get it from other perspectives too, can you freely answer where i need to pay attention right now . Thanks for all you have done so far. you are amazing.

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