Try eating bugs


I’m sorry, I can’t eat that.  You hear this all the time. I can’t eat eggs. I can’t eat dairy, wheat, corn, milk.  American kids have 35% chance of having some kind of allergies compared to 20% in the rest of the world.  If you don’t want to have allergies, live someplace else.   Didn’t we use to eat whatever was on our plate?  The squishy green beans, overcooked carrots, the parsley, the meat loaf, the pork chops, over cooked scrambled eggs, cottage cheese with cling peaches.  Then there were tasteless soups and greasy hamburgers.  We ate what we were given.

It’s funny how we get all worked up about not liking people’s allergies considering the fact that almost everyone has something they can’t or won’t eat.  You can’t eat mushrooms, onions, garlic, eggs, red meat, pork, veal, lamb.  And of course there is gluten free.  Nearly one third of Americans are avoiding gluten.  You may think that’s no big deal, but in real terms that’s changing restaurants and grocery stores, fast food and convenient stores.

It gets annoying sometimes though.  If you’re dating, it’s really annoying, you just want to say, please tell me you can just eat like a normal person.  I also find it amusing when someone is upset that you don’t remember their food preferences/allergies.  Really? I don’t know what you eat.  Keeping track of my own family is enough for me.  We have one son who was vegan and I think is vegetarian now but sometimes eats fish.  My daughter and her partner are gluten free and dairy free.  My son tries to eat very healthy all the time. Mark and I don’t eat red meat, pork, lamb or veal.  We do eat fish and chicken. That’s all I can track.

My advice to people who complain about the food problems is this: Be patient with everyone’s food issues. You may have your own at some point.  We all have things we don’t like. Or maybe you are ready to eat bugs? Go ahead, give it a try. Go to Thailand.  Eat up.

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