I miss the beach, Red Hen amazing events in May!

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I used to always go to the beach after I turned in my grades. Now I think about the beach. Sometimes I don’t have time to think about the beach, but I dream about it. However, in May, we are doing a bunch of fun things that I am looking forward to, and hanging with our kids, so it’s all good. And I’m going to get caught  up on sleep which is what I need the most.

Plans for May.

  1. Go back to New Year’s plan of doing situps every day.
  2. Go to party that is hosted by Jack Black.
  3. Do Pilates twice a week.
  4. Go to San Francisco for weekend and spend Mother’s Day with the kids and drink Bloody Marys and go out on paddle boats and see our friend Irv Davis!
  5. Run 100 miles.
  6. Sushi Gen with Bill and Sasha.
  7. Finish editing my non fiction book.
  8. Boston Court May 13th and Rose Gallery May 14th.
  9. Going out to Raymond Bar with Ron and Bianca and Vanessa.
  10. Tamale dinner with city laureate at our house.
  11. Going to see play at Boston Court.
  12. Dinner with Eloise and Colleen.
  13. Back to San Francisco for Tobi’s graduation from SFSU with her Masters!
  14. Wine tasting with Tobi and Molly.
  15. Los Angeles Philharmonic with Hila Plitmann! http://www.laphil.com/tickets/next-on-grand-green-umbrella-john-adams-conducts/2015-05-26

Okay, May’s going to be super fun. I’ve just gotten started.

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