Make way for Insiders, you don’t need to make way for outsiders because they’re outside


Being an insider is more fun than being an outsider because you get paid more and you get to wear better clothes.  Plus, when you’re walking in line, you are unlikely to be pelted with tomatoes.  People talk to you at parties.  You’re in the range of normal. You can easily get jobs. People do not send you movies to watch where the main character’s friends tell her she is un-dateable. When you walk into a party or restaurant, you see some mirror of yourself with the other guests.

Are you an insider? Here’s how to tell, Nicelle.

  1. You have a good job and you probably always will.
  2. You have a good education.
  3. You have never been kicked out of anything.
  4. You wear fairly normal clothes.
  5. People do not stare at you ever.
  6. People do not laugh and point.
  7. There are no ridiculous parts of your body or truly silly habits that you refuse to quit.
  8. When you see a sign that says Keep Out, you do not walk around that sign and climb the smokestacks of the Queen Mary with your kids. (I did this once, but in my defense is I had a yard long beer at the Yard House.)
  9. When you see a sign that says No Trespassing, you stop.
  10. Generally, you try to follow the rules.

Signs that you might be an outsider

  1. People have pointed and stared.
  2. You might have a job, but it is not guaranteed.
  3. You have an escape plan that involves a truck and camper, a tent, or a skateboard, and you really think that’s going to work for you.
  4. You’ve been homeless and you remember those days as having been fun.
  5. You’ve left parties to go home and read or think.
  6. You look at yourself in the mirror and realize you’ve never seen anybody dressed like you.
  7. Your ideas are way outside the box.
  8. You do not need approval to be happy.
  9. When they put the sorting hat on you, you found out that you weren’t supposed to be in any of the four houses.
  10. You are not trying to rectify the situation. You like to think that being outside means you taste rain on your tongue.
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  1. You are an amazing human being. This is exactly what writing does. I am beginning to think like an insider even though I consider myself an outsider. What a wonderful explanation to be or not to be. Thanks a lot. I have an article i want you to see, where can I add my work?

  2. I think your “insiders” and “outsiders” are more conventionally known as “conformists” and “nonconformists”.

  3. … but I think you’re doing a disservice to imply that the world is so black-and-white. Some of us transcend the boundary between “inside” and “outsider”.

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