Do You Believe in God?

I am still in recovery from meeting Chomsky.

Here is what I want to ask him.

  1. Do you think race problems in America will ever end?
  2. Will we always have the 1 % problem in America?
  3. Will America ever move on from being dependent on making weapons of mass destruction?
  4. How does language change the way we think?
  5. Do you believe in God?

Men always want women to sit around and ask them questions and wait for the answers, and in Chomsky’s case, he might have some answers worth listening to.

I had a lot of work to do today so I decided to go to the aquarium, after my meetings, then work.  But I ended up walking around Boston until 2 pm, it was so beautiful, the cherry blossoms blooming, the Chinese in the park doing martial arts, the whole city humming and blooming.

I love Grub Street and Boston and the party tonight was great fun. All these agents and editors and writers drinking and talking about stories.

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  1. We can solve this problem if they allow a good timing.Every detail should be on table. You and i know that writing a book is hard. Any book that will address this issue should be written in a way that it should not create division among good hard working Americans. The problem is that they want to get the attention that this is police and brutality. The problem is deeper than that .There is so much I hate to talk outside here. Everyone think they have answer to this issues, but they don`t if they are not getting to the real issues.

  2. Reality has a pattern: theft, rape, murder. These elements will always exist, but we can soften them and flatten them so much that they are barely perceivable as crimes. Good is simply the nicer, kinder, gentler version of evil.

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