God, On the Eighth Day, My Nigerian cab driver says that should be the title of my book and it’s going to be a huge hit

Notes on Travel:


  1. Lovely drive. Pilates.
  2. Lovely drive to Pasadena. Meetings.
  3. Lunch with beautiful friend Lisa.
  4. Lovely drive to Union Station.
  5. Reading with Robin Coste Lewis, Eloise Klein Healy, and Luis Rodriguqez. Made plans for wine and dinner with Eloise and Colleen. Made plans for tamales and tequila with Luis and wife.
  6. Lovely drive to Santa Monica.
  7. Amazing reading with Elena Karina Byrne, Gary Dop, Steve Langan and Ramon Garcia.
  8. Drive to nearby party.
  9. Really fun party at Barbara’s house on the beach.
  10. Lovely drive home.


To Chicago


Sales meeting, lunch with Chris Abani. Boston.

Okay funny part of the whole day.  I have this cab driver in Chicago who is Nigerian.  And he keeps talking.  When I talk on the phone, he talks with me afterward about my conversation.  He asks me about everything, he gets me telling him all this stuff and then he wants to know about my book and I tell him and he decides my book should be called God, On the Eighth Day.  He also says that I have to go on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. He says she is going to love my story.  I am going to remember that my Chicago cab driver on April 30th predicted that my book, God on the Eighth day would be a massive success and that I would be on NPR.  I tell you that guy really made my day.

He liked Chris a lot too.  I told him to read Chris’s books.

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