It’s all chicken and egg in the non profit world.

I have a friend who is planning to start a non profit, and I am giving her ideas, but there is so much you have to learn as you go along.

My friend Darlene has a board of three because for her you just need three people who can take on different roles.

The point of a board is for fund raising and she has donors to help with that.

What any non profit needs is funding for staff.  That’s usually the big expense. At a publishing company it’s payroll and printing.

Boards are supposed to raise funds for the organization, but that’ hard work and they are only going to be excited about the organization if they are involved and that means having their level of expertise appreciated.

The difficult thing is that if you don’t have adequate staff, the best advice in the world is not something you can act on.

We met with a woman recently who is a skilled business woman and would like to advise the press on business matters.  She is clearly very smart and we had thought she might be a good board member but what she wants is to get things done not stand around and talk.  I like the sound of that and I hope Red Hen will be able to have advisors like her who can give us ideas we can act on.

It’s all chicken and egg in the non profit world. We need more funding for staff.

To get that we need to have a well run organization.

That’s what will attract the kind of board who will give us funding for staff.

I’m working at 120% myself and our staff are doing heroically as well.  Red Hen is doing better every year; it’s an adventure.

My friend Kate Coles sent Mark and me dinner tonight which was so the best thing that could possibly happen to us today. I feel like she saved my life.

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