Are you Normal? Are you Crazy?

When did crazy become the new normal?

When was it not weird that we’ve all heard of BDSM and know a bunch of people who are into it? When we can say we know people with collections of sex toys who attend public floggings at dungeons like the Citadel?   Wasn’t that edgy once?

I remember when friends who stayed up all night smoking weed and going to class high seemed crazy.

When did a collection of leather straps and boots seem every day?

I remember when hanging with a group of hookers in Los Angeles when I first moved here seemed risky.  They wanted me to join up, become part of the group, get rich, pay off my student loans.  They said I’m make a great friend to come along for threesomes.  I thought I was cool and risky at their parties in my early twenties.  I wanted to write a book about them.

I’m not talking about being aware that someone’s doing coke in a glitzy bar in New York or San Fran or on the roof of the Standard, I’m talking about neighbors, friends, family members.

America  got racier and juicier in the 21st century.  Crazy is the new normal.  Nothing surprises us any more.  When San Francisco passed ordinances against wearing cock rings in public, people protested that their rights were being violated.  Really? That’s a right? Is that in the Constitution? The right to cock rings.  And if so, which of the founding fathers put that in there? I’d like to think Jefferson, but it sounds more like a Ben Franklin move.

Whatever your perversion is– for feet or songs or socks, eggs or chickens crumpets, paint or paint thinner or pants, someone else does that too.  Someone else has gone skydiving naked.  Someone else has climbed the Eiffel Tower and jumped with a parachute and without one.  Someone else has eaten every food, drunk every combination of liquor, somebody has used that spike, that leather, that plastic toy, that thong, that whistle, that hand cuff, that blow torch.

To be really original, you have to be a creator. Make something. A photograph, a painting, a poem, a place in your yard that’s magical.  You have power, and not just to be crazy.  You’re in the baby star chamber, you can birth stars.

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  1. Hi Kate, we have been on a roller coaster for quite some time now. Do you have a private email where I can spill my heart out to you? I love to share my work with you. I have been writing. I write poetically and the editor could not handle so many of my work. First I started with a big project, then I started with a smaller project still we are not getting it done, then I realized that blogging was taking a lot of time. Then I have written so much but just to organize everything. Today, I want to see you in California, but it is not going to happen. Why I am telling you this, because you have been awesome. Thank you so much. I know you care.

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