Men Tell me What to Think

Men Tell Me What to Do, Who to Be, What to Think

Much has been written about the fact that women converse, men talk at you.  Most men simply pour words into your ears with some odd assumption that anything they have to say is more interesting than anything you have to say.  This is especially true of men born before 1960.  Those men were raised with the idea that they were superior to women in the first place and a lot of those guys are pretty anxious about the fact that we might have a woman president in 2016.  Guys, what are you afraid of?

My husband jokes around with me sometimes that he’s tired of conversation and by that, he means, he really just wants to veg out, but there’s a whole generation of men who like to tell their wives, “My ears are full, I can’t take it any more,” and by that they mean I get to do the talking around here.  In public situations, it’s hard to get in a word edgewise even for a feisty wench like myself.

Suggestions for women who would like to hear themselves speak:

  1. Spend more time with women.
  2. When you do spend time with men, and I admit, I LOVE men, I even like their naughty ways and the look at women which are so criminal according to feminists, try for younger men.
  3. If you are hanging out with a man born before 1960, do so in small doses. That way, you can enjoy the wisdom that he imparts and then wander off to talk with some women or younger fellows and remember your own brain, ah yes, there it is, ticking away.

We live in a world where men and women are at least nominally equal.  In law, medicine and business, women have made huge strides.  I’d like to think that the Old Guys, as I like to call them, are a dying breed and that the newer nimbler generation of men are better listeners.  That Ronald Reagan generation were allowed free rein by their mothers and their first wives and their second wives have thrown in the towel and are willing to admit that all their close friendships are with women.  That’s the story I hear a lot from women of the generation older than me.  They have close girlfriends they really talk with, those women know them.  They sleep with their husbands.

Birthday week going well.  We went to Kyoto for sushi Monday night with Spencer, Jared, Kelly, Stephen and me and we had German chocolate cake and we got him some cool presents some of which were wrapped in a towel.  We ran out of wrapping paper.  Mark got hundreds of FB well wishers and his sister, brother, mom and Tobi and Molly all called to wish him happy birthday and Tobi and Molly even sang! We sang too.  We are amazing singers and cake eaters too. My birthday is Saturday.  Rocking California with the birthdays.

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  1. “The first testicular guard ‘CUP’ was used in Hockey in 1874,
    while the first helmet was used in 1974.

    This means that it took 100 years for men to realize that their brain
    was also of some importance.”

    (From “Little Known Fact” in Some Help From the Dead.)

    Happy B-Day Kate. Just put my dog down. She’s going under the weeping cherry tomorrow.


  2. Kate, Great points! Though I think men of the younger generations can suffer from the same inability to converse. My dad, born in 1945, and I have great conversations on nature, history and current events. He’s a laid-back, humble kind of guy, raised by a pretty headstrong mother, so maybe that’s part of the reason. On the other hand, I’ve had experience with younger men who think their opinions are the last word on any matter, that the way they do things is ‘the way’. I’m not sure what accounts for it, but I’ve rarely had the same experience with a woman of any age. Most women seem to leave room in conversation and relationships for more than one opinion.

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