Fugue state, It’s good to be home

Fugue state is the part of your life where thought is impossible or unlikely. A murky state.  You are drifting.  Some people do it for years.  I was in that fugue from the time Mark was taken off to the hospital with the concussion and then the heart surgery and then AWP, London. It’s all fugue.  Especially long airline flights.  We drift in a big space over the Atlantic and I think big thoughts.

Flying home on Virgin Atlantic.  I have four seats. That’s highly unusual on any flight but especially on Virgin.  Nice though. Ever one to find something to moan about, I’m wishing the folks on the left of the plane would close their shades so I could watch The Imitation Game.  After I watch the movie, I plan to sleep.  I sleep before flights, during flights, after flights, I like to catch up on sleep.  Somehow in my “normal life,” there is not enough time to sleep.

Fugue state is where great creative ideas come from.  As long as you are completely tapped into what is actually going on around you, say you are speaking or driving a car, drinking tea or whiskey, following your kids around the playground or running a radio station. Whatever it is that you do in your active life isn’t stopping you from doing creative work, it’s not getting in the way, life is big, it is the real thing. Writing is entering a raw energetic, fugue space where there is no ceiling. All that being true, I don’t write on planes.  It is too much fugue. I’m writing this, but it isn’t real.  It’s stepping back from un-fettered thought into words marching side by side. There is too much sky up here for me, but I feel the fugue that I will enter when I get back to writing. The man beside me is on his third Bloody Mary. He may be further into his fugue state by now.

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  1. Fugue and murky can be interchangeable. Very interesting, but I think a life of a poet is not even to be alive, in fugue, or to say murky state of mind ;but living in darkness is part of being one, yet creating aspect of that supersedes all . Creativity is one of the most relaxing part of a writer`s life. I write a lot especially now .But having said that, I have to be careful now, but thanks and hope to see you in California. I do expression as much as I do lamentations a lot though . But overall, I am creating all the time regardless. I write from home. Thanks for all I have been getting from here.

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