Man with Gas Mask, music of MacGillivray,–frNpnVE

Man wearing gas mask outside the restroom.  Okay, I know the English are a bit crazy, but a gas mask? Maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t.

  1. Ground floor of the London Book Fair a guy waiting to use the restroom with a gas mask on. I know what happened here. This guy’s siblings told him they needed a gas mask after he used the bathroom; he took them seriously and he’s been wearing the gas mask in the bathroom ever since.  I want to tell him that it’s okay, he can leave off the gas mask, but I can tell he’s serious.  He keeps fiddling with it to make sure it’s secure. Then someone comes out of the restroom and Mr. Gas Mask steps in.  Imagine him in your bedroom with a gas mask, saying, “Hey, honey, what do you think?” And you’d be lying there on top of the covers, ready to run.
  2. Just as the name of the Fruitvale station used to make one smile in San Francisco before the shooting there, I couldn’t help feeling happy at the Tube station Shepherd’s Bush. I could say many things here, but I’m going to stop . But go ahead, Reader, let your imagination go wild.
  3. Each menu has so many carbs, it’s like a starch invasion.
  4. Even if I get enough sleep, half through a working day I feel crazed. I’m off by eight hours, my brain wants to shut off. I can feel the warp core overheating, and I need juice for the dilithium crystals which are similar to brain matter in that it can wear down and might need to be re-energized.  But that would mean sleep and it’s hard to sleep while you’re working.
  5. There are three old women staying at my hotel with beards. One has a fullish beard. I wonder.  They like it like that in London? There is a casting for Macbeth nearby? Don’t even say that I would make a great Lady Macbeth, people. I will shut you down. Out, out.
  6. It’s actually quite warm here; the apple blossoms are in blossom. I don’t see many English people with allergies. Maybe Americans have more health problems than they do here. They seem to be able to drink copious amounts of beer and eat fries and do just fine.  America is becoming a gluten free nation at least around the edges.
  7. Last night’s event at Book and Kitchen was great. The last reader was a Scottish poet/singer named MacGillivray–frNpnVE

So amazing. I could listen to her all day and all night.

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